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AW8 - Top Most Secured Arcades Game Singapore 2024

AW8SG has carved a niche for offering the best Arcade games in the region. AW8 is known for letting arcade game fans relish a realistic 3D online casino experience. 

Casino arcade games are popular games you may have played in a pub or arcade. However, they have been modified or monetized to incorporate monetized features.

While you may think arcade games in Singapore only target younger generations, you are wrong. Arcade games online mix real cash winnings with entertainment value. 

They have eye-catching graphics that guarantee ultimate cross-generational entertainment. If you had been playing them in game arcades from your childhood days, AW8 is giving you the chance to relive the moments in arcade games online.

In the recent past, their popularity in Asia and the rest of the world has been sky-high. AW8 taps into the growing embrace to bring you popular titles in the category. These include Xoc Dia, Thai Hi-Lo, Tai Xiu, and Thai Fish Prawn Crab, to mention just a few.

Understand More About Arcades Game in AW8 Singapore

Every passing day arcade games or 3D casino games, as commonly referred to, are increasingly attracting new players. Developers deploy innovative twists to ensure a blend of amusement, entertainment, and immersive casino experience.

They are a relatively new category in AW8 but enjoy an unprecedented number of active streamers. Here are the reasons why gamers love them.

  • 3D arcade games have an attractive interface that guarantees a smooth gaming experience. 
  • AW8 sources its arcade games from the globally respected Kingmaker publisher. Gaming fairness is guaranteed. 
  • Players are at liberty to choose bet levels that are commensurate with their budget. AW8 offers four bet levels ranging from low to high to accommodate different types of players. 
  • 3D casino arcade games have options for beginners and advanced players. If you are a beginner, consider familiarizing yourself with the game in the 3D elementary room. 

Famous Arcades Game Offered By AW8 Singapore

If you have the prospect of playing arcade games in Singapore, try these popular titles.

a) Xoc Dia

Xoc Dia is an unmissable 3D arcade game in AW8 Singapore. It was first created in Vietnam in the early 20th Century. Hitherto, it has grown into a sensational 3D hit in southern Asia. The board game has an intuitive interface, eight betting zones, and simple rules.

Xoc Dia translates into ‘shake the plate’ in English. It is unsurprising; shaking the plate is the main part of the game. Chips with white on one side and red on the other are placed on a bow, shaken, and flipped over. After shaking, the outcome reveals which chips are white or red side up.

The game aims to predict the number of red or white chips after the shake. Players’ bets are on red or white chips. Risk-averse players have an option when they place bets on odd reds/whites or even reds/whites.

b) Thai Hi-Lo

Thai Hi-Lo is another popular arcade game in AW8 Singapore. It has roots in Thailand. Its gameplay involves three dice and a shaker. The game starts by rolling the three dice on a slick virtual table on which players have various betting options.

Players predict whether rolling the three dice will result in a high or low outcome. Despite its simplicity, the version available at AW8 has stunning 3D graphics oozing a memorable gaming experience.

c) Tai Xiu

Tai Xiu is a popular Asian casino game also known as Sic Bo. Its history dates back to the early days of Chinese immigrants to the USA, who are believed to be the game's inventors. Over the years, Tai Xiu has morphed from two dice to three dice but maintained its authentic feel and gameplay rules.

The game begins by placing betting chips on numbers a player predicts the rolling dice will stop. Tai means Big, and Xiu means small. Gamblers bet on the outcome of a three dice roll. 

The player whose predictions correspond with the outcome of the dice rolling wins the bet. Although there could be various Tai Xiu variants, the commonest one has the following betting options.

i) Total Three Dice Bet

A Tai Xiu betting board has numbers 4 to 17. In the total three dice bet, the gambler predicts the total number that will coincide with the sum of the three dice outcome after shaking.

ii) Small/Big bets

In this Tai Xiu bet, numbers 4-10 are taken as low while 11-17 are considered high. Gamblers place bets on low or high numbers and wait for their lucky turn as the dice roll.

iii) Odd/Even Bets

Gamblers bet on the outcome of the three dice roll being an odd or even number.

The Pros Of Playing Online Arcades Game In AW8 Singapore

When you play arcade games from AW8 Singapore, these are the benefits you relish.

a) Simple Rules to Understand

The main advantage of popular arcade games, or even the fish game arcades, is they are easy to take up, even for newbies. You might need to study strategies or complex steps to winning in many other casino games. Nevertheless, the gameplay is straightforward with arcade games because most are chance games.

b) Numerous Betting Options

You have several betting options when playing your favorite AW8 arcade games for real money. For example, with dice-based arcade games, you can bet on specific numbers to coincide with the dice roll outcome. Besides, you have a chance to place bets on spread numbers, which could be high/low or even/odd.

c) Attractive Graphics

Arcade games are known for compelling graphics. In AW8 Singapore, 3D graphics and befitting animations are what drive gamblers to play them. Classic arcade games are modified to meet the demand of a modern gamer who values entertainment aspects beyond the payout features.

d) Game Fairness

All arcade games available at AW8 Singapore have been duly audited for fairness. Game engines are regularly subjected to independent auditors like PAGCOR and BMM to guarantee ultimate fairness.

e) Different Betting Levels for Various Players

Gamblers place their bets that correspond to their levels. Beginners can test the waters with the elementary 3D arcade rooms.

Beginner Guides To Win Big In AW8 Arcades Game

If it is your first time with arcade games, stay cool. AW8 walks you through what you need to get the best from your invested bet.

a) Learn the Game Rules First

Gamblers have a chance to learn rules by trying arcades games free versions. Before transitioning to real money games, free games are the invaluable grounds to familiarize yourself with the gameplay rules and betting range.

b) Study the Game’s RTP

Arcade games have the return to player percentages like slot machines. Before settling on a specific title, ensure to study the RTP. It is advisable to choose titles with higher RTPs as they imply a significantly reduced house edge.

c) Read Player Reviews First

Consider researching player reviews if you do not have a specific arcade game as your favorite. They are invaluable assets in assessing how easy the game is. You will also have a chance to know the game’s payout ratio.

Let’s Get To Know How Arcades Game Work

At AW8 Singapore, you must sign up for an account if you are a new member. When the account is up and running, load it up with SGD. From the casino's website, click on the 3D games and wait for the game to load in about 2 to 5 seconds.

Once the game comes to life, place your bet chips accordingly. After the first round ends, your AW8 will beautifully display the outcome announcing a win or loss.

Free vs. Real Money Arcades Game In AW8

At AW8, players choose between free and real money arcade games. Free arcade games are demo mode versions that you do not expend real cash to play. On the other hand, real money arcade games are real games in which players place real money chips before pressing the play button.

Useful Downloading Guides For AW8 Arcades Game App

AW8 gives gamblers a chance to enjoy arcade games on the go. The downloadable app is convenient for playing the game anywhere. Similarly, the arcade games PC version is available if you wish to have in-house gaming entertainment.
Should you wish to relish arcade games free download, here is how it goes.

Step 1:

Visit the official AW8 Singapore website and click on JOIN IN or LOGIN options. Alternatively, you can register your account using the affiliate links on the website.

Step 2:

New members will have to give their details through on-screen prompts. The main details required include a username, password, address, and banking details for payment purposes.

Step 3:

Proceed with finalizing the sign-up process and log back later to access arcade/3D games and other categories you wish to play.

Besides, from the official website, you have downloading options for Android, iOS, and PC downloading options on the left. Click on the appropriate option depending on your device. You will be prompted to download through a link or scan the QR code to start playing instantly on the app.

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