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Terms & Conditions

The AW8’s Terms & Conditions are a critical guide about the services it provides alongside its privacy policy. AW8 terms provide various explanations, limitations, information, and direction concerning accessing and using the AW8 website. They are important because by signing up on the AW8 website, you agree by default to be bound by them.

There are two parts that are deemed as different sides of the same coin. The ‘Terms’ touch on the rules, regulations, and guidelines for guiding users. An AW8 Privacy Policy is a foundational base that addresses the agreement relationship between the use of the website. It expounds the rules, regulations, expectations, and responsibilities of each party to the agreement.

Amending the Terms

Amending AW8 terms is at the sole discretion of the company. The prior agreement with AW8 does not translate to accepting the amendment's effects. If you do not wish to be bound by the amended terms, you are at liberty to discontinue usage of the AW8 services.

Legal Right

AW8 commits to international and domestic laws prohibiting children under the age of 18 from participating in gambling. Thus, AW8 does not and will not enter into any binding agreement pertaining to gambling with minors.

Property Rights

It is illegal to reproduce the content of this site by copying or editing copyright works. These works include logos, videos, audio, design, content, programs, and animations belonging to AW8.

Limited Liability

AW8 absolves itself from liability caused by your divulging of information that breaches its data processing policies. Users shall incur the loss and damages caused by their negligence. The limitation of liability covers loss and damages caused directly or indirectly by users or third parties.

It could result from omissions or inclusions of the site content or relating to hyperlinks or third parties. Suspension, modification, and termination of the site through a third party shall be the user’s responsibility.

Conditions to Use AW8 Content

It is illegal for AW8 website users to upload, share, or post its contents or chats without prior authorization. AW8 shall not be liable for such content monitoring and reviewing. The company shall not be liable either for any illegal claims, intentional or not, stemming from uploading, posting, or sharing of its content or chats.

By using the AW8 website, users agree not to submit content that contravenes the law knowingly; has hidden or restricted content; or infringes on binding proprietary rights like Trademarks, service marks, copyright, patent, registration, trade name, or brand name.

Besides, users agree not to knowingly submit data or content that is; inaccurate or misleading; has the capacity to cause offense or damage to any person or entity including this site; is meant or designed to disrupt the normal functioning of this site; is intended to transmit virus or any other malicious code to this website; or advertises or promotes competitor sites.

AW8 shall not be held responsible for any personally identifiable information users include in the site’s content. If you provide any content to the site, you forfeit your rights to the content.

You agree to grant AW8 affiliates and licensors perpetual and legally irrevocable rights to copy, edit, publish, modify, reproduce or distribute such content or its part in a manner they choose appropriate without any reference to your instructions and without providing any compensation.

Prohibited Conduct and User Representations

Users must strictly adhere to the purpose of this site. Any content, review, reference, links, or adverts meant to promote this site should not be interpreted or misrepresented. Users have a prior admission that their ability to access this site may not be entirely congruent to the regulations or laws that apply in their countries or location of access.

Gamblers should know gambling poses a financial loss risk which they are fully responsible for. Therefore, the use of the information under this website, or its affiliates or links to it, is at the user’s risk.

Visitation to this site is accepted for all unless the visitor is disqualified by law, terms, and conditions. Users are, however, prohibited from visiting this site with ill-will and malicious intentions meant to bring the reputation of AW8 into question.

Infringement of Copyright Policy

AW8 shall not condone infringement of its rights and privacy policy. Users shall abide to uphold and respect intellectual property rights and privacy rights belonging to this site. It is expected of users to take reasonable corrective measures at the earliest identification or confirmation of intellectual property or copyright infringement.

If you accuse AW8 of infringement, the owners or authorized agents must bring forth verifiable contact details, provide full details of the subject material, its location, and complete legal proof and design of the property right or material suspected to have been infringed.

Termination of This Agreement

If users do not wish to be bound by the terms and conditions spelled out under this section, AW8 and the users can mutually agree to bring to an end the relationship existing between them. Nonetheless, AW8 reserves the right to end the relationship with a user without any reference to prior notification. On the other end, the user is at liberty to end such a relationship by choosing not to visit the website.

Acceptance of the Terms

If you register with this website, you accept by default to be bound by its terms and conditions. There exists a mutual legal agreement between the user and AW8. If there is any disagreement with AW8, due to its modified or amended terms, conditions, rules, or regulations, the user can choose to terminate the agreement by opting not to visit the site.

Terms in Nutshell

AW8 terms of use, privacy policy, and disclaimer are the bases of the agreement between the user and AW8. They enhance a frictionless relationship between the user and AW8. Also, they inform users of what the website operator expects of them. They also provide a clear path to solving any disagreement or discrepancies that may arise between AW8 and its users.

Gaming License

AW8 offer wide range of highest quality gaming products to our players. Our Customer Support Team us available to assist you 24 hours a day. All personal information will be treated and stored at the strictest and most confidential way

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