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Introduction About the AW8 Privacy Policy

AW8 takes the requisite measures to protect your privacy online whenever you visit the website. This AW8 online casino in Singapore explains how AW8 protects users' privacy. This privacy policy broadly describes how AW8 Singapore handles the data they collect on the website. It is part of the broader terms and conditions.

Online Gambling’s Legal Terms in Singapore

From a layman’s perspective, online casinos in Singapore are illegal. However, it is not unlawful per se to have fun while gambling in this jurisdiction. There is four gambling legislation that shed more light on gambling in Singapore. These include:

  • Private Lotteries Act
  • Common Gaming Houses Act
  • The Betting and Sweepstakes Duties Act
  • The Betting Act

Majorly, online and offline casinos in Singapore operate under the 2006 Gambling Act. The Act defines the legal persons allowed to run casinos and the legal gambling products and services.

Use of Personal Data

In the process of signing up or any other use the AW8 Singapore may deem right for verification purposes, AW8 will request users to submit the following personally identifiable data. 

  • User’s name.
  • Phone Number.
  • Date of Birth
  • Email address
  • Social security number or national identification number
  • Payment card details
  • Mailing address

AW8 Singapore uses the personal data collected for the following purposes 

  • To personalize and enhance user experience.
  • To facilitate frictionless deposits and withdrawals. 
  • To administer content, surveys, and gaming promotions.
  • To relay periodic emails or messages. 
  • To ask for customer feedback to improve customer service.
  • To verify gambler’s eligibility for specific bonuses and promotions

AW8 collects these details and may ask for updates from time to time as it may deem necessary. It respects personal privacy, which is why it protects the data on its website and servers by adhering to the universal data security guidelines. AW8 endeavors to inform you that it is conscious of your right to privacy.


AW8 Singapore casino website uses cookies to enhance the player experience. Cookies are small-sized files placed on your guard to identify you whenever you browse the website. The cookie technology at AW8 is primarily geared toward boosting and customizing the visitors’ browsing experience.

When you visit the AW8 website, you might get a prompt as to whether you agree with the cookie policy. You may instruct your browser to reject the cookie syncing, but when you reject the website will limit the number of pages you can access.

Cookies help to assess the website visitor behavior. Assessing the visitor's behavior helps to tailor adverts and products per the gambler’s browsing behavior. The website managers forward the cookies information to AW8 ad partners. These partners craft campaigns and promos that rhyme with AW8 users’ behaviors and wishes.

Note, the information AW8 cookies collect does not have personal data like name, address, telephone number, email address, or physical address. Also, AW8 uses a third party to analyze its visitors' volume and information statistically. Casino management uses the statistical findings to improve the services offered.

No personal data, whether collected on the sign-up or any other data collected via the cookies, can be used by third parties without us notifying you through terms and conditions or prior communication via email or text message.

Data Security

AW8 Singapore invests massive resources to ensure data security among its users. It uses the appropriate and latest data collection tools, storage facilities, and processes. AW8 uses reasonable measures to jealously protect the personally identifiable information from access by unwarranted third parties.

All private and sensitive data exchanges between users and the AW8 website pass through a channel that is protected by a secure socket layer (SSL). This security layer has impermeable encryptions further under the protection of digital signatures.

AW8 goes the extra mile to protect your financial information and privacy. As personal information, all financial details used to effect funds transfers on the website are protected by SSL encrypted system. Credit card information is protected from any possible scenario of identity theft or misuse of its information.

AW8 takes appropriate technical, organizational, and physical initiatives to prevent unauthorized third-party access. The casino also takes the right steps to ensure no unwarranted damage, destruction of collected data, or unlawful processing.

General Terms and Conditions

AW8 Singapore and its affiliate partners is a dependable and trusted online casino for Singaporean players. AW8 commits to respecting and protecting your privacy when you sign up as a user of the gambling services offered on the website. Professional management and protection of personal information directly or indirectly is part and parcel of AW8.

Thus, the general terms and conditions focus on how we collect, store and process personal information. These terms touch on any person/persons, hereby referred to as the user/users of the website. The terms you/your means your implies the person/persons accessing AW8 website services, while ‘We’ means AW8 Casino Singapore.

a) AW8 Purpose

AW8 Singapore or any of its derivatives thereof is a platform or site made for the following purposes. 

  • For persons looking for a chance to play online casino games or related services or related with gaining a monetary gain through gambling. 
  • For users interested in finding diverse information on various gambling products, gambling providers, tips & strategies, and any information that would improve their online gambling services. 

b) Binding Agreement

The broader terms of use and the privacy policy constitute a binding legal agreement between AW8 Singapore and the users. The agreement is to accept default bound by the terms in your individual capacity as a service seeker from the AW8 site.

c) Eligibility

By accessing the AW8 Singapore online casino website, you warrant and confirm that; 

  • That you have attained the minimum gambling age of 18 years.
  • Thay you are eligible and ready to conduct the purpose in the legally appropriate way. 
Gaming License

AW8 offer wide range of highest quality gaming products to our players. Our Customer Support Team us available to assist you 24 hours a day. All personal information will be treated and stored at the strictest and most confidential way

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